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Advanced Vascular Technologies is a veteran abi diagnostics system company which is undoubtedly a front runner of the market in crafting and releasing abi diagnostics products that meet specific diagnostical uses and specifically, diagnostic machines that are concerned with bloodstream, both cerebral flow and in the peripheral circulation. Years of exploration and expertise in Doppler ultrasonography examinations and approaches, vascular and transcranial, is the terra firma on which the cadre of highly skilled professionals is constructing its ABI diagnostics. The detailed understanding and factual know-how in the appropriate medicinal sector stem from the fact that our managers and crew possess decades of acquired practice in the ABI diagnostics machine marketplace.

Progressive ABI Diagnostics Products

Top class ABI diagnostics products that answer the most complex medicinal requirements and establish the most recent trade norms as well as allow the efficient conduct of day-to-day medicinal requirements. Our company is dedicated to Doppler and circulation-related applications which aim to provide undivided pharmaceutical services principally for lymphatics and blood vessels areas, including nerve system and neurosurgery landscape. Our machines are at the fore of circulatory diagnostic technology catering for an upgraded answer. Our chief produce is generally distributed internationally with a wide trading chain covering 5 continents!

Dependable ABI Diagnostics Equipment Distributed Around the Globe

The business satisfies the highest existing universal excellence standards and is highlydynamic globally in meeting regional regulative conditions and authorizations. Advanced Vascular Technologies is fully compliant with the Organization of Standardization in the abi diagnostics machine business. It has numerous administrative licenses for its ABI diagnostics products, for example CE (European Union), FDA (USA), TFDA (for Taiwan), CFDA / NMPA (for China), Korean KFDA, Brazilian ANVISA, INVIMA (Colombia), TGA (Australia), The office of Israel ABI Diagnostics Equipment Registration and Approval, Health Sciences Authority of Singapore, and others.

New ABI Diagnostics Engineered for Efficient Use

abi diagnostics

Complete charge over the items’ standards and service is exercised due to the fact that all of our undertakings are completed internally and connected to inner function. To begin with, there is a raw conceptual idea, that is from there on advanced farther by the business’ efforts exhaustively all the way to extensive marketability and worldwide success.

The fundamentals constituting these stages are as following: Meticulous evaluation of the relevant market niche – defining a commerce strategy via serious inspection and examination of current state-of-the-art systematizations and items of a similar kind; Making sure that the design answers all medicinal requisits by proof of concept;Considering the buyers’ necessities and satisfaction first of all via application software configuration, and layout usability; System arrangement where medicinal demands follow Design for Manufacturing aka DFM to make a product that’s as practical as it is capable.

Mechanics structure which focuses on best possible functional practicality, which includes upkeep and overall uncomplicatedness and ease of use; When relevant, medical evaluation and research in keeping with standards and conventions; Adhering to the most up to date electro-magnetic compatibility (EMC) standards and electrical safety together with further collateral benchmark requirements, as indicated in the Verification and Validation criteria;
Making sure that all our dealings and operations are continuously in accord with QA (quality assurance) stipulations, conforming to the loftiest canons;Fully following the RA, regulatory affairs, regulations via registrations and authorizations while meeting the particular requisites of each.

Carefully selecting marketeers to assure high level of professionalism in the related scientific domain, thus forging an outstanding distribution chain over 5 continents via employment and management of different country-specific distribution trade collaborators; Onsite construction and configuration of all the abi diagnostics products in accordance with explicit company procedures, including decisive examination of each item in an effort to establish maximum quality up ahead of delivery to end users; Fast and economical delivery via international and domestic distribution to multiple purchasers; financial management of all inner operations; and making sure that any customers necessities are met promptly and efficiently by virtue of ceaseless and immediate aid and support.

Fieldwork – based Program in First-Class ABI Diagnostics Machinenew abi diagnostics

We possess an extensive knowledge of ABI diagnostics system, their needs, demands, and operational functions, having successfully assembled and commercialized numerous ABI diagnostics products across the market.
Systems software approachability is assigned major preference to help all staff members to stay relaxed when making use of the apparatus, that’s why it presents generous selection and choices geared toward the tech savvy end-users and is straightforward enough for others who less technologically advanced.
The user interface (UI) of our product lines is recognized internationally, and we encourage you to discover and explore our company’s outstandingly easy-to-use machines.
We declare that our appliances are second to none and encourage you to experience their greatness.

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Latest ABI Diagnostics System & Products

abi diagnostics products