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Advanced Vascular Technologies is an accomplished TCD machine manufacturer that is considered to be a front runner of the market in producing and merchandising the best TCD machine that fulfill specified pharmaceutical needs and in particular, diagnosis devices that have to do with blood stream, both cerebral and peripheral circulation. At the core of the crew accountable for the TCD machine cost, it is the amassed know-how originating in many years of investigation and accomplishments in the domain of Doppler diagnostics and procedures. Our managers and members of staff all arrive from a place of in-depth expertise in the TCD machine sector based upon decades of overall skill and discernment in the relevant pharmaceutical market place.

Cutting Edge TCD Machine

Top range TCD machine that suit the most complex medical needs and establish the most recent industry norms as well as provide the fluid running of daily diagnostical purposes. Chief sectors to benefit from Advanced Vascular Technologies’ dedicated Doppler and bloodstream products are those dealing with the nervous system and neurosurgery effects in vascular and angiology framework. Upgrading from previous generation devices to Advanced Vascular Technologies products is growing into the here-and-now. We successfully maintain an extended global network thanks to which Advanced Vascular Technologies’ main produce is dispersed across 5 continents and growing!

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The Advanced Vascular Technologies company meets the topmost international excellency ethics and is intenselydynamic around the globe in complying with geographical regulatory obligations and processes. Our business is in full accordance with the Organization of Standardization in the TCD machine merchandise. Our company’s best TCD machine have regulatory licences from health governmental offices of multiple territories, including but not limited to CE (European Union), FDA (USA), TFDA (for Taiwan), CFDA / NMPA (for China), Korea Food and Drug Administration, Brazilian National Sanitary Surveillance Agency, The National Food and Drug Surveillance Institute in Colombia, Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration, AMAR (Israel), HAS (Singapore).

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Our business is entirely in control of item quality and assistance since all its undertakings are realized in-company. Our company activities are set in motion with the rough conceptual idea and follow all stages to international market and follow-up. These endeavors extend to: Having insight into the business – viewing relatable present-day most advanced equipment and modernizations and forging a coherent, accurate selling plan of action;

Extended feasibility scrutinization for the to ensure that the product meets any regulatory specification;Creating the system with professionals and examinees as a priority, focusing on accessible graphical user connection; Hardware framework, which is constructed to satisfy not only all institutional particularizations but also DFM (Design for Manufacturability) particularizations to establish top-quality machinery;

Maximizing workability and quality of deployment as well as upkeep, achieved with computerized mechanical arrangement; Operative evaluations and probing, in line with instructions and regulations, when feasible; Meeting the most recent EMC standards (electro-magnetic compatibility) and electrical safety together with further complementary normative requirements, as stipulated by the Verification and Validation criteria;

Making sure that all our processes and operations are repeatedly in harmony with Quality Assurance (QA) demands, following the top canons; Meeting the requirements of procedures and ratifications with the RA, regulatory affairs, conventions. Preserving high level of professionalism in the related medicinal area by means of recruitment and management of multiple local, meticulously selected handling collaborators who generate an impressive marketing network spreading multiple continents;

In-house production and assembling of all TCD machine in accord with elaborated internal procedures, with the addition of overall testing of each and every product as a means to ensure supreme workmanship in preparation for delivery to purchasers; Financial control over all inner processes; national and international supply to customers to ensure quick and well-planned service; along with ensuring that all of our customers requirements are responded to promptly and expertly by virtue of ceaseless and punctual service and support.

Field-Work – based Program in Unequaled TCD Machinedolphine tcd machine

Having placed various commercially successful Dolphin TCD machine initiatives in the industry, we can safely claim to have a great insight into what a TCD machine demands and expects in the way of its activity and functionality.

Systems software approachability is assigned highest priority to entitle all workers be relaxed when they’re using the appliance, that’s why it offers generous diversity and recourses for the advanced end-users and is sufficiently simple for those workers who less technologically advanced.

We encourage you to join millions of people who are thoroughly accustomed with our company’s user-friendly interface and lines which are widely recognized for their superb implementation made simple.
We proudly declare excellence for our items and urge you to see for yourself what puts them in a class of their own.

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Best TCD Machine For Sale

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