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Advanced Vascular Technologies is a seasoned vascular diagnosis system manufacturer who is seen as a big name in designing and vending best vascular diagnosis system that correspond to specified diagnostical necessities and especially, diagnostic mechanisms that relate to blood flow, both cerebral and the peripheral flows. A great deal of analysis and expertise in Doppler effect examinations and techniques, vascular and transcranial, is the footing on which the panel of high-level top experts is constructing its vascular diagnosis system. Our administrators and team members all have extended knowledge in the best vascular diagnosis system business derived from many years of cumulative record and erudition in the related pharmaceutical market place.

Progressive Vascular Diagnosis System

Top-of-the-range new peripheral vascular diagnosis system that fulfill the most progressive clinical demands and trailblaze new trade benchmarks as well as provide the smooth conduct of day-to-day diagnosis purposes. The departments of nervous system and neurosurgery and also vascular and angiology framework are the ones especially connected to the devoted medicinal issues Advanced Vascular Technologies’ Doppler ultrasound diagnosis and bloodstream produce deal with. Changing from outdated techniques to our produce is advancing into the present. Our core products are typically released around the world with an extended commerce network shipping to 5 continents!

Truly Dependable New Peripheral Vascular Diagnosis System Shipped Around the Globe

Local regulative demands and authorizations everywhere are all purposefully researched and promptly respected by Advanced Vascular Technologies, answering the highest worldwide integrity standards. Our company is Quality Management System compliant. Advanced Vascular Technologies holds numerous regulatory licenses for its new peripheral vascular diagnosis system, including CE (European Union), FDA (USA), TFDA (Taiwan), CFDA (former NMPA, China), KFDA (South Korea), ANVISA (Brazil), The Colombia National Food and Drug Surveillance Institute, Therapeutic Goods Administration of Australia, Israeli AMAR, Singaporean HAS, and many others.

First-Class Design of Best Vascular Diagnosis Systemnew vascular diagnostic tests products

Full command over the merchandise standards and service is practiced being that all of the company’s functions are completed internally in-house and depend on internal operation. The engagements of the company are originated with the basic conceptual design and continue through all stages to intercontinental merchandising and consecution.

These contain: Understanding the business – examining corresponding contemporary leading-edge inventions and modernizations and shaping a discernable, comprehensive market action plan; Viability studies to avouch that the product answers all scientific requisits;Putting the clients’ requirements and ease first of all through application software design, and interface employability; Hardware layout, which is made to meet not only all the possible regulatory requisits but also meet DFM (Design for Manufacturability) demands to ensure best-quality machinery;

Computerized structure, to guaranteesimplicity and ease of use, combined with supreme item practicability, sanitation, and operating; With the right authorizations, in accordance with guidelines and conventions, operative study and probing; Fulfilling the most recent safety regulations in electricity and electro-magnetic compatibility according to EMC standards alongside other auxiliary criterion specifications, as outlined by the V&V (Product Verification and Validation processes);

Repeatedly be in keeping with the most leading canons concerning all the business’ activities and strategies satisfy the specifications of QA (quality assurance;Being fully compliant with the RA (Regulatory Affairs) framework via submissions and authorizations while adhering to the specific requisites of each one.

Ensuring top quality in the related medical field by means of engagement and management of numerous land-specific, attentively selected distribution collaborators that create a powerful shipment web covering 5 continents; In-house development and configuration of all the vascular diagnosis system devices, Falcon Pro, following elaborated internal protocols, with the addition of decisive examination of each item so as to guarantee the highest possible craftsmanship in preparation for sending to customers; Budgetary control of the company in all levels; swift and efficient handling and transfer to intercontinental and domestic purchasers; alongside running and timely assistance and facilitation to present prompt attendance to all user needs.

Field Experience – led Operating System in First-Class Peripheral Vascular Diagnosis Systemnew vascular diagnostic tests system

We pride ourselves on an extensive grasp of vascular diagnosis system, their needs, demands, and operational usability, having efficiently developed and commercialized multiple best peripheral vascular diagnosis system devices on the market.

Program approach-ability is granted major significance to help all members of staff to stay at ease when they are using the machine, that’s why there’s sufficient diversity and options for the techy individuals yet also is straightforward enough for those workers who find technological complexity too daunting.

We invite you to join millions of people who are well at home with Advanced Vascular Technologies’ easily operated interface and lines that are renowned worldwide for their superb performance simplified.
We invite you to familiarize yourself with our items’ superiority and understand why we are convinced that they are second to none.

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new vascular diagnostic tests equipment